how to hire the best article ghost writer

How to Understand When I Should Hire an Article Ghost Writer?

Do I Need Someone to Write Articles for Me?

Whether you are writing an article for a magazine, journal, or a blog you will want to ensure that your writing is capable of fully engaging your reader. But coming up with that perfect piece of writing is often very time consuming and far from easy. This is why so many will look for an article ghost writer for support with their writing. Using a ghost writing service will ensure that not only will you get your writing done to a high standard by an expert but that the work will always be done quickly. Ghost writing or co writing is often the most effective way to ensure that your writing tasks are completed to your needs on time.

Our article ghostwriter has been providing support for the publication of articles for many years through our online help. During those years we have been able to build a large team of highly qualified and very dedicated ghostwriters that have proven their superior writing skills many times over with our clients. We are confident that through our services you will always be fully satisfied with the writing and the support that you will receive.

How to Write That Perfect Article

If you are going to author that perfect article then you will have to ensure that you approach it in the manner that is going to be most effective for you. Not everyone has the same writing style or approach to writing. However, the better that you organize your thoughts and approach to writing the more likely you are to create something that will be successful whether you are looking to attract visitors to your blog or to get a scientific article accepted for publication in a journal.

The following tips will help you with your article writing:

  • Select a topic area; don’t write on something that is too broad, try to narrow your topic down to a specific niche area.
  • Brainstorm what the audience really wants to know; understanding what the reader will actually want to see within your article rather than just writing what interests you is key.
  • Do your research; come up with interesting facts, anecdotes, and quotations around the subject area that are verifiable and interesting to add to your article.
  • Come up with a good hook for your title; the headline for your article has to be able to make the reader want to read. You must, however, be able to deliver on what the headline promises.
  • Outline your article before you start to write; break it up into logical sections. A good outline will allow you to see how the overall article flows and how it all fits together.
    Use subheadings to break up your writing and make your article easier to scan for information by the reader.
  • Write and rewrite; don’t be satisfied with your first draft. Ensure that your writing is concise and accurate. That you have avoided clichés and that all of your words are appropriate.
  • Proofread; simple mistakes should always be avoided, after all, if there are mistakes in your writing there could also be in your research.

As Deborah Jian Lee says writing for Forbes:

“Bottom line: Tell a good story and tell it well. Readers quickly abandon stories with weak content and bad writing.”

What to Avoid When Writing a Good Article

There are of course many pitfalls that you must avoid when writing for your audience if you want to actually make an impact and to have your reader take action based on your writing. The following are some things that you should always avoid:

  • Using click bait; a title should reflect what the reader will actually find within the writing and not should be written purely to get attention.
  • Long rambling paragraphs; break up your writing and provide regular sub headings. Ensure that your writing is concise and to the point throughout.
  • Too much formatting; using bold, italics, underlining and other decoration throughout your writing will often just confuse the reader.
  • Using filler; writing fluff just to increase your word count is not going to impress the reader. If it does not add value then don’t include it.
  • Plagiarism; don’t simply copy what another has already written. Not only is your cheating your reader you are also committing a crime.
  • Not being original; just repeating exactly what everyone else has covered is not going to get you noticed. Find an angle and information that no one else has covered.

Our Article Ghost Writer Can Help You

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