how to find a book ghost writer

Where to Find Your Perfect Book Ghost Writer?

Do You Need a Book Ghostwriter?

Ghost writing is simply getting someone else to write or co author your book for you. This is a surprisingly common way of getting a book completed and onto the shelves. Actual figures of how many books have been ghost written however as Priceonomics reports are impossible to get because not everyone will admit that a piece of work has been ghostwritten. Most books however that have been “written” by celebrities and politicians will almost certainly have used a book ghost writer.

Not everyone that wants to write a book has the necessary writing skills or like most celebrities will not have the available time to get the work done themselves. This is typically why they will hire a professional writer to get the task finished to a high standard.

Our ghost writing service has been supporting writers of all types for several years. We have a large team of well-qualified writers that can provide help in writing a book no matter what subject area it may be in. Our staff can work with you to ensure that your book will be written on time and in the way that you want it written.

Famous People That Have Used Ghost Writers

Many people claim to have written books on their own and even songs and other literary pieces. However, it can often come to light later that actually they used the services of a ghost writer. The following are just a few that have used ghostwriting services for everything from pieces of fiction to their personal blog posts and songs:

  • George Takei
  • Nicole Polizzi
  • Drake
  • Beyonce
  • Hilary Duff
  • Gwyneth Paltrow

I Need Help Writing a Book

If you have decided that you are going to write a book then you will need as much support as you can find with getting the work done, even if you are going to get the writing done by yourself without the use of a ghost writing service. Approaching the process in the right way can ensure that you will make the progress that you will need. Many writers will simply procrastinate and go around in circles and never actually complete their book.

The following tips for ghost writing book chapters will help you create your piece of literature:

  • Have a clear understanding of what your book is going to be about; if you don’t have a clear aim for your writing you are not going to be able to get anything completed.
  • Create an outline; this can start out as just a single sentence to define each chapter of the book and then you can flesh this out as you develop your ideas. A good outline will help you to write without having to make too many major alterations later.
  • Create a routine for your writing; sit down at the same time each and every day to do your writing in a location that is going to be totally free of any distractions.
  • Set up your writing area for comfort; it is always best to write at a desk with a correctly adjusted chair to be able to write effectively.
  • Have a plan for your writing; create milestones as to when you want to complete each chapter from your prologue to your final conclusions. Have a clear understanding of how many words each chapter of your book will contain.
  • Set yourself a daily word count to achieve and do it! It does not have to be a huge amount as long as you make clear and measurable progress.
  • Get feedback; use friends and colleagues to have a read of your work and accept any feedback that you receive as it is meant. Criticism will help you to improve your writing, so don’t simply give up, learn from what people tell you.
  • Edit and rewrite; your first draft is unlikely to be your best writing, be prepared to score out whole sections and rewrite even what you considered to be the best parts of your writing.
  • Proofread; nothing is worse than reading through something and discovering simple mistakes that should have been eliminated. Take the time to go through your work and remove any issues.

How to Find a Ghostwriter for My Book?

Using a Ghostwriter has some very definite benefits, one that bears repeating is this one from Tucker Max:

“Your Book Will Get Done: This might seem obvious but bears repeating: most people who start their books don’t finish them. A ghostwriter, by writing the book for you, ensures that the manuscript does, in fact, get finished.”

Finding the ghostwriter book service that is right for you can be hard work. There are many writing services out there that offer cheap support but will provide you with a writer that may not even speak reasonable English. We, however, have been providing our services for more than 5 years to writers of all different forms.

We have a large team of writers that cover many different subject areas allowing us to always match you with a ghostwriter that will be able to fully support your writing ambitions. Through us, you will be able to get your writing completed on time and to a high standard. We offer a full money back guarantee with our help and all writing is checked for errors and plagiarism through our free proofreading services. Whether you need a ghost writer resume service or your manuscript writing we will always ensure that you will be fully satisfied with the help that we provide.

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